June: Saint John's month in Bahia

2 Jul 2015

The month of June is long awaited in the area, as the celebration of one of the saints with the largest number of devotees in Bahia is held: Saint John. Even though the saint's day is on June 24, festivities are held throughout the...

Day Spa for all mums on their day at Iberostate Praia do Forte

28 May 2015

All that you need to retain your beauty, renew your energy, and have a higher quality of life was included in the Iberostate Day Spa, an event held for Mother's Day on 9 May (Saturday), from 11 to 17, in Praia do Forte. 

II Iberostate Cake Competition: the repetition of a great, tasty success

28 May 2015

On Saturday 23 May 2015, from 12 to 16 h, Iberostate Praia do Forte held a very special gastronomic event: the II Iberostate Cake Competition, the second time that this delicious event is held

Party time took over at Praia do Forte during the Easter Holiday Weekend

21 Apr 2015

The Easter Weekend was filled with the most varied musical sounds at Praia do Forte. From electronic music to samba, rap to axé.

Women’s Day at Iberostate

26 Mar 2015

Iberostate Praia do Forte celebrated International Women’s Day with a very special event held at its sales stand from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday, March 7, 2015.

Tamar Project celebrates 20 million baby turtles released into the sea

26 Mar 2015

At its visitor center in the village of Praia do Forte, the Tamar Project commemorated a historic and very special milestone: the release into the ocean of 20 million baby turtles. 

February: month of the Bahian Carnival, the biggest public party on the planet.

23 Feb 2015

Thursday February 12 saw the start of the great Bahian Carnival, which continued until what is known as  'Ash Wednesday',

Rixô Elétrico and Fred Menendez bring the Carnival buzz to Praia do Forte

23 Feb 2015

The spirit of the Bahian Carnival takes hold in Iberostate Praia do Forte. 

The Lagoa Azul blue lagoon in Baixios: this practically unknown freshwater paradise could be your next vacation destination

23 Feb 2015

The north coast of Bahia, where Iberostate Praia do Forte is located, boasts practically unknown paradises along its miles of shoreline. 

Iberostate Praia do Forte confirms its partnership with the Didá Association at a very special event

23 Jan 2015

January 31, 2015, will be a very special date for Iberostate Praia do Forte. On that day, the Lavagem Iberostate event will take place amid the carnival festivities in Bahia, marking the beginning of a joint initiative...

Young couples are buying more and more Iberostate Praia do Forte homes

23 Jan 2015

A new trend in the Brazilian property market is the purchase of houses and apartments by young couples. Iberostate Praia do Forte, on the north coast of Bahia, has also witnessed this trend, despite the fact that in the majority of...

Cortejo do Forte, the Praia do Forte Carnival Ball

23 Jan 2015

The carnival festivities burst out of Salvador and arrive in Praia do Forte.  For the 5th consecutive year, the charming town becomes even more exhilarating with the celebration of the Cortejo do Forte, Praia do Forte's...

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