Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Bayahibe, three destinations to suit all taste.

20 Aug 2015

Punta Cana, Puerto Playa and Bayahibe represent three types of tourism and three types of concepts in terms of options for travelers when selecting a destination in the Dominican Caribbean.

A cartoon-like little island

20 Aug 2015

Cayo Arena, actually Cayo Paraíso (its real name), is a small coral islet in the northwest of the Dominican Republicoff the coast of Puerto Plata in Punta Rucia. Such is the beauty of this...

Hanging Herb Gardens: A sustainable decoration for your balcony

20 Aug 2015

Sustainable and full of life, hanging herb gardens are the perfect gardening solution for the balconies of Iberostate Praia do Forte properties.

The Milão Table 2015 Table was the Highlight of the 7Ball by Iberostate Event

20 Aug 2015

Leader in the sports and leisure market, luxury furniture-maker 7Ball launched its Milão Table 2015 Table on July 11 at Iberostate Praia do Forte

The Whale Season Begins at Praia do Forte

20 Aug 2015

From July to October 2015, Praia do Forte receives some very special visitors indeed. They are the humpback whales that arrive from Antarctica escaping from the cold waters to be welcomed by the warmth of the marine ecosystem of...

The paradise of Los Haitises National Park

2 Jul 2015

The Los Haitises National Park is a paradise in which travelers who love nature will see all their expectations fulfilled. Created in 1976, it is located in the north-east of the Dominican Republic

The undoubted charms of Santo Domingo

2 Jul 2015

Santo Domingo, the capital of the beautiful Dominican Republic, was destroyed by a hurricane in 1502, but then over the centuries this Spanish colony erected large public, private and religious buildings

Saint John's Day at Iberostate: a traditional, delicious event

2 Jul 2015

On Saturday, June 27 Iberostate Praia do Forte celebrated a very special event for Saint John's day, which is so important all over the State of Bahia.

Iberostate Praia do Forte held an event to Honor the Environment

2 Jul 2015

In order to honor the Day of the Environment, celebrated all over the world on June 5, Iberostate Praia do Forte held a very special event on June 13, 2015, a Celebration of the Environment, held between 12 and 4 p.m. in the sales...

June: Saint John's month in Bahia

2 Jul 2015

The month of June is long awaited in the area, as the celebration of one of the saints with the largest number of devotees in Bahia is held: Saint John. Even though the saint's day is on June 24, festivities are held throughout the...

Samaná, the best guarded secret of the Dominican Republic

2 Jul 2015

Samaná is a province of the Dominican Republic featuring impressive contrasts between its green hills and white sandy beaches

Submerged beneath the waves

28 May 2015

Some people were born to be underwater.  Submerged beneath the waves, their bodies take on skills and movements befitting a marine creature.  For them, nowhere under the ocean surface can be left unexplored in the quest...

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