Tamar Project 35th Anniversary: A night of Rock music to celebrate a very special anniversary


In December 2014 the Tamar Project marked the 35th anniversary of its foundation. To celebrate, it organized a Rock Night at Praia do Forte. The event was to pay homage to icons of Brazilian and international rock, with the participation of the Casco Cabeça, Arapuka and Rock Forever bands, and was due to take place on Saturday, December 20.

Casco Cabeça is formed by biologists, Tamar employees and residents from the Mata de São João community who sing about environmental protection to the sounds of rock music to raise awareness of important social environmental issues.

Arapuka performs the music of Raul Seixas, a Bahia native and Brazilian rock pioneer, whose death took place twenty-five years ago.

Rock Forever, with its repertoire of Beatles songs, renders a splendid tribute to the Liverpool four and the Beatlemania that was to spread all over the world.

The event promised a very lively evening at the Praia do Forte village, clarifying and raising concepts of fundamental importance for the awareness of all of the significance of the initiatives and activities of the Tamar Project.

All these attractions are just 2.5 km from Iberostate Praia do Forte, ensuring owners can enjoy a very wide diversity of programs and events in this month of festivities and commemorations.

Come and be enchanted by all the marvels and unique activities that await you at Iberostate and Praia do Forte.

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