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There's plenty of information available on the Internet, which can sometimes be confusing, so it's important to get it from the most reliable pages.

Becoming an Iberostate owner is something more than buying a piece of real estate: it's choosing a lifestyle in destination you'll fall in love with. Moving to a new country is quite an adventure. In the case of the Dominican Republic, you will find a lush natural environment, warm and helpful locals, new food, beaches with crystal-clear water, and a relaxed, sun-drenched atmosphere. However, you should always take certain important details into account when you decide to invest.

There's plenty of information available on the Internet, which can sometimes be confusing. Still, using the web to do research is very useful, so it's important to get information from the most reliable pages: from this page current and future Iberostate Bávaro  real estate owners can resolve any doubts regarding visas, tourism cards, and any permission concerning the entry permit into the Dominican Republic. here you can quickly and easily obtain practical information which every real estate owner should have about their country's embassy and consulates. this official page displays and updates the fluctuations of the Dominican peso, as well as all the relevant financial information, statistics, and surveys for those who decide not only to buy but to capitalize their investments in the Dominican Republic. this is the website for the main newspaper in the Bávaro region so that our real estate owners can keep up to date with the local news, wherever they are. this is the official website for Punta Cana airport, half an hour away from Iberostate Bávaro. Here, you can find all the information regarding arrivals and departures, airport services, terminal maps, useful immigration information, etc.