Indian Ambassador in the Dominican Republic


India defined its objective of opening an embassy in the Dominican Republic in the near future. The aim is to facilitate cooperation and internal procedures between the two countries. 

Bavaro Adventure Park


Bavaro Adventure Park is an adventure park benchmark. It offers something different, exciting and challenging, while adopting every possible safety measure and the highest quality standards required internationally for this type of...

Airlines open new routes


Airlines operating in the Dominican market have announce that they are to increase their flight routes to the country 


An excursion to be recommended : Dolphin Explorer.


Many people dream of swimming with dolphins, and here is the opportunity to turn such a dream into reality.


Iberostate participates at the Ideal-Living Resort & Retirement Expo at Greenwich, Connecticut.


On February 8 and 9 this year, Iberostate once again attended the Ideal Living Resort & Retirement


Iberostate participates in the Ideal-Living Resort & Retirement Expo Chicago


On January 18 and 19 of this year, Iberostate participated as an exhibitor at this ceremonious real-estate exhibition, on this occasion held in Chicago, in the Hyatt Regency hotel.

Duarte Day


Every year, on January 26, the Dominicans remember the birth, life and legacy of Juan Pablo Duarte.

Arrival of travelers to the country in 2013


According to airport figures, in 2013, the arrival of non-resident travelers to the country showed that Punta Cana airport has continued to maintain the greatest share. 

The Dominican culture


The Dominican culture is fundamentally based on the convergence of two mother cultures: Spanish and African. It has...

Recommended tour: Catedral de Santa María La Menor


Santo Domingo is much more than heavenly beaches and exotic drinks. It is a whole setting full of historic buildings, museums and cultural centers. This range of attractions allows you to enjoy a great tourist...

Punta Cana continues to stimulate tourism in the country


According to information from the Dominican Republic Central Bank for this year, in the month of November, the Caribbean nation received 358,990 non-resident visitors by airplane, a year-on-year increase of 9.2%, which in absolute...

Local gastronomy


 In the Dominican Republic, it is traditional to eat as a family and it is customary to offer a coffee, soft drink or water to guests when they visit a house or shop. The gastronomy in Punta Cana is not too complex and does...

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