Art by Fátima Castro and Waldo Robatto by Iberostate

25 avr. 2016

The delightful and idyllic Iberostate Praia do Forte became even more special on April 23, 2015, when it was filled with works of art by Fátima Costa and Waldo Robatto.

The II Festival do Camarão Iberostate

25 avr. 2016

Following the success of the event held in April last year, and at the request of many of our clients, Iberostate is again hosting this gastronomic event, offering various refined dishes with shrimp as their principal...

Iberostate Praia do Forte concludes carnival celebrations in Bahia

28 mars 2016

On the final day of the Bahía Carnival, Iberostate Praia do Forte sponsored a very special event to wrap up the revelry of the month of February with a flourish.

Praia do Forte is one of the 8 best surf beaches in all Brazil

22 févr. 2016

A news items published on 15 May by one of the main news portals in Bahia State, Bahia Notícias, said that Praia do Forte is one of the eight best beaches to surf in Brazil. 

Imbassaí Art and Culture Week takes place in September, with an array of attractions on the north coast of Bahia

21 déc. 2015

Located just 14 kilometers from Praia do Forte, the village of Imbassaí is loved by Bahians and tourists alike, with its beaches surrounded by dunes and coconut groves, bathed in fresh water where the river meets the sea

Fastest jet ski in the world presented at the Iberostate Father's Day event

21 oct. 2015

On August 18, the main water sports company on Bahia's north coast, Jacob Adventure, showcased some of its vehicles at Iberostate Praia do Forte, including the Kawasaki 300 Ultra X jet ski 

Tamar Project launches new clip with special show in Praia do Forte

21 oct. 2015

In order to trumpet the sea turtle preservation work in Brazil, the Tamar Project has brought together artists, researchers, and supporters of the cause to record a video clip

Hanging Herb Gardens: A sustainable decoration for your balcony

20 août 2015

Sustainable and full of life, hanging herb gardens are the perfect gardening solution for the balconies of Iberostate Praia do Forte properties.

The Milão Table 2015 Table was the Highlight of the 7Ball by Iberostate Event

20 août 2015

Leader in the sports and leisure market, luxury furniture-maker 7Ball launched its Milão Table 2015 Table on July 11 at Iberostate Praia do Forte

The Whale Season Begins at Praia do Forte

20 août 2015

From July to October 2015, Praia do Forte receives some very special visitors indeed. They are the humpback whales that arrive from Antarctica escaping from the cold waters to be welcomed by the warmth of the marine ecosystem of...

Saint John's Day at Iberostate: a traditional, delicious event

2 juil. 2015

On Saturday, June 27 Iberostate Praia do Forte celebrated a very special event for Saint John's day, which is so important all over the State of Bahia.

Iberostate Praia do Forte held an event to Honor the Environment

2 juil. 2015

In order to honor the Day of the Environment, celebrated all over the world on June 5, Iberostate Praia do Forte held a very special event on June 13, 2015, a Celebration of the Environment, held between 12 and 4 p.m. in the sales...

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